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Tu Tu Tu

The game

TU TU TU is a two player game where you have to collect instruments for your band. You play as either Bossa or as Rock.

Rock and Bossa can only collect instruments that suit their genre. Bossa’s instruments only spawn during day time, while Rock’s instruments come out at night.

When it’s not your time to collect instruments, you can mess with the opponent while searching for a time switch button. The first to complete their band wins.

Project Details


The game engine we used was Unreal.

All characters and animations were made in autodesk Maya.

I created the characters, the instruments and the animations.

The Team

It was a school project where we were allowed to do whatever we wanted.

I teamed up with Tuur Sangers, who’s an amazing environment artist.

I wanted to make 3d characters and practice animating, he wanted to learn more about Unreal engine and shaders.