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The game

PowCow is a VR shooter, where you have to feed cows until they explode and turn into meat.

On Game-Over you get hit with a screen showing the imbalance between how much corn you spent, and how much meat you produced.

The game was about informing youth on the impact of red meat on the environment in a fun way.

What did I do?

I came up the the art style for the game, and created all 3D assets. I also worked closely together with my team during the brainstorming and prototyping phase of the project.

Project Details


The game engine we used was Unity.

All 3D characters, objects and animations were made with Maya.


The game was a school project, and was made to inform people about food waste.

Our project was well received, and got chosen to be presented at Pukkelpop and at the EFAD Conference 2017 in Rotterdam.