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Heroes Battle

The game

Heroes Battle is an Auto-Battler RPG for Android and iOS that I worked on at ChimpWorks.

It combines strategy with casual Merge-Game mechanics in a turn based battle game.

Most of the Heroes are inspired by characters in popular media. Which makes collecting them very exciting!

What did I do?

For this project I created the art style and made most of the characters. Next to character design, I also created most of the User-Interfaces in the game and I made many animations.

I’ve worked on this game for about a year with a team that started with only 4 people, which later grew to a big team of 15 talented artists, game designers and developers!

Early concept art

Final Concept

Project Details


The game engine we used was Unity.

All art assets for the characters, environments and Userinterface was made with Adobe Illustrator.

All animations were made in Unity.


ChimpWorks is a mobile game development company from the Netherlands, based in Eindhoven.

Their published games count over 300 million players!