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What is it?

HackShield in de BIEB is an event that teaches children about disinformation through augmented reality.

It launched 9th of November 2021, in the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam.

The event released together with a quest teachers can play in the classroom.

Concept Art



Lux is the protector of information who’s always kept Ignos in check. But after waking from a long slumber, he finds Ignos to be spreading misinformation all over the internet. Lux doesn’t know what the internet is, so he needs help from the players to stop Ignos.

Ignos and his eggs

Ignos is a spreader of chaos, he gains power through spreading fake news and making others doubt themselves.

The eggs are little babies which he spawns all over the world. They do nothing but spouting nonsense.

Hackshield in de Klas

HackShield in de Klas are quests with dedicated subjects, which teachers can play with children in their classroom. I worked on the quest that is about Disinformation.

What did I do?

For this project I created most of the 3D models and designs for the characters. I also animated them.

I’ve worked on these two projects for approximately two months.

Project Details


The game engine we used was Unity.

All art assets I made for this project were made using Blender and Adobe Illustrator.


HackShield is an educative game for children ages 8 to 12. It teaches about cybersecurity, meaning how to use the internet in a safe and responsible way.

The game counts over 60 thousand players in the Netherlands.