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the Legend of Zelda – Fan art

Wedding gift for my sister

Triforce Heroes – Fan art

Self Portrait

Zelda Sci-fi

I made this model, to practice sculpting in Blender, and to learn the process of retopology, baking textures and optimization for games.

Wolf animations

A little wolf character I made to practice animating.


I got the opportunity to design, model and animate a bunch of characters for HackShield.


V-tuber avatars

I made these avatars for people to use with their Twitch streams. They move real time with the motion and facial expressions of the user.

I modeled these avatars in Blender, and converted them to useable avatar files in Unity.

2000’s guy

This is the 3D model I made of my logo. Which I used in my logo animation.


Tu Tu Tu is a two player game in which you choose a music style and compete by collecting instruments to form your band.


PowCow is a VR shooter where you have to feed cows until they explode. We presented our game at Pukkelpop and at the EFAD Conference 2017 in Rotterdam.

Witch girl

Project Details


Since 2021 I make my 3D models and renders in Blender.

My older 3D art is made in Maya.