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2 voor 12

Project Details


I drew the artworks in Paint Tool Sai, and made the video in After Effects.

The process from storyboard to final took me one week.


This animation was made for the VARA for their TV show 2 voor 12. They provided me a script of the text.

My animation was broadcasted the 21st of April 2017.

Why did I make it?

2 voor 12 is a well known quiz show on NPO1. Every episode they feature two animations made by students from HKU.

Usually the animations are made by people who study Animation, but even though I studied Game Art, I was still offered to make an animation as well.

I personally really liked this opportunity, because I always watched the show with my family. It was really cool to see my animation on television, knowing thousands of people were watching too.


When I first sketched the panels, I didn’t have the voiceover audio yet. Once received, I edited them together in Premiere Pro to see if the timing felt right, and whether I still needed more panels in between.